Hypnosis & Coaching


I’m a self-empowerment coach & hypnosis practitioner certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists (since 2010). I received training with award-winning hypnotist Linda Williamson at Chicago’s Garrett Wellness Center. While traditional hypnosis sessions revolve around resolving specific client issues (smoking cessation, weight loss, getting rid of fears, stress relief, overcoming heartbreak, increasing confidence), I prefer a comprehensive approach involving an education on the subconscious mind and behavior patterns and how to interrupt and change unwanted patterns of behavior. I’m known for my expertise helping women overcome heartbreak and gain massive confidence to love again, help single women attract love, and using creative discovery sessions (Archetype Wisdom™ Hypnosis) that involve the use of hypnosis  and working with personal archetypes/archetypes.

I am also the creator of SYLCAPÉ Method, a special approach to personal development/transformation that involves scripting your life using character, archetypes, plot and ensemble within a framework that embraces law of attraction fundamentals. SYLCAPÉ Method also utilizes a unique orientation to maintaining emotional well-being through an understanding of the architecture of perceptions (House of Emotions).

While my practice is based in Los Angeles, I am able to connect with people all over the world (and have) through the use of video chat sessions.


Before I work with people for coaching and/or hypnosis, I like to make sure there is a mutual fit. This means, I do not take on every person that inquires about working with me as a client. When I decide not to take someone on as a client, it is usually because I’m aware that their time and money would better be spent with someone who is more specialized in the area of help that is required and I often have recommendations of other practitioners to reach out to.

That said, we can’t know if it’s a fit until we talk, so please reach out via the the contact form on this site. Let me know what you hope to get out of the sessions with me. If I think working together will benefit you, we can move forward with a plan of scheduled sessions.

For a minimum, I work with new clients for a total of 5 sessions ($700), the first usually being 2 hours because it involves an extensive interview and necessary foundational discussion. Follow-up sessions are between 60-90 minutes. If you decide to continue beyond the initial package, additional sessions are in packages of 4 (60-90 min each, $600 for the package) and can be used as often as you like, though it is recommended you use them within 3 months.

Online accepted payments: Paypal, Venmo.
Sessions currently online via Zoom or Skype unless you are an established client and live locally in L.A.