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About Me

In addition to authoring nonfiction and poetry books, I’m a self-empowerment coach, hypnosis practitioner, trainer, public speaker, and digital artist based in Los Angeles. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many other artists and business achievers in the acting, music, technology, and entertainment industries, including a few creators who have personally inspired me. My clients are often a positive influence on me, as I’m always meeting smart, talented people dedicated to stepping into their personal power to impact the world in revolutionary ways.

What sets me apart from other coaches and practitioners is my unique method of scripting your life, SYLCAPÉ Method, using the artistic components of character, plot, archetypes and ensemble in addition to cutting-edge mind and behavior modalities. I operate from within a framework that embraces law of attraction fundamentals and I use hypnosis, games and tools of my own creation to facilitate a client’s personal journey to self empowerment. Games and tools include: Archetype Wisdom™ Readings & Hypnosis, House of Emotions metaphor, The Game of Hidden Messages™ and The Gratitude Journal Challenge™.

The new art deck designed to be used for my Archetype Wisdom readings is the result of a digital collage art project I’ve been working on for almost three years. The printed card deck will only be released as part of the overall workshop toolkit for Archetype Wisdom Apprentice Workshop participant. The workshops are scheduled to launch in mid-late 2021. In the meantime, a special NFT limited-release of the card art in a digital gif-enhanced format is currently in the works for those who have a prominent collector archetype in their archetribe profile and are savvy to NFT collectibles as crypto investments.